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Harmonica Chord Dance Great for Gaming!

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.astrology,alt.magick,talk.religion.newage,alt.pagan
From: Seyfert-1 
Subject: Harmonica Chord Dance Great for Gaming!
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 00:05:19 GMT

50031107 viii om just 5.5 hours before the Grand Moment! (they say)

Tom reviews the preponderant data before I ever really take notice:
#># That's it?  A lunar eclipse along with a minor aspect (a sextile)
#># distributed around the sky, and only if you include a stray comet head
#># drifting way out there beyond Saturn which wasn't even suspected prior
#># to 1997?  That's stretching it a bit, don't you think?

#> gee, I heard it differently ('Planets').

# You heard what differently?  That Chiron is a planet?

naw, here's the first bit I read reflected to others:

#$ Basic Chart Highlights                                                       
#$  This most hopeful planetary alignment is a moment of rare beauty,
#$  astrologically....

you know. ;>

# Astronomers say it's a comet.  Their reason is that it has a 
# coma and a tail, like all other comets and like no planet.


#># I bet that if you plot a chart using all of the thousands 
#># of asteroids and miscellaneous junk floating around the 
#># solar system, you could find a new geometric pattern in 
#># the heavens every day.
#> indeed, space junk can make neat patterns. should we be tracking
#> satellites too? :>
# Why not?

presumably the astrologers either will speak of mass or astral
connections of which I'm truly unaware. the influence theory
can take on strange aspects. is it because these bodies are
such an "important" portion of the universe (not) that our
very above-below microcosm resonates with their every move?

space junk might just be too small. but of course you're asking
why little things are being paid attention. there is all manner
of discussion about Pluto's demotion (poor little guy). where's
it going to stop??!

#># Heh.  Astrologers.  Ya gotta love their enthusiasm.
#> the New Age community seems more attentive to its details maybe:
# Only to its own details.  The details of astronomy, along with 
# the details of other sciences, are generally ignored by the 
# New Age community.

don't I know it! I used to dwell amongst the light-bearers, you
believe me! 'course I was Neo-Neo-Supracalifragilisticpagandocious,
but I couldn't follow the rational *or* naturalist threads of the
New Age one whit!
#> what would make you stand up and cheer where Planetary 
#> alignments and whatnot are concerned, Tom? anything in 
#> particular around which you think that you'd construct 
#> a ritual, for example??
# Anything viewed as meaningful is sufficient to construct 
# a ritual around, if one so desires.

sure, and I'm talking about something *you*'d view as such.

# I can't think of any odd angles between various tiny 
# mudballs circling the sun as seen from the Earth's 
# surface that would cause me to stand up and cheer.

awwwwwww, so it goes. well sometimes you just gotta take
the bull(shit) by the horns and see how it drives energy!! ;>

so in an effort to play with some of my friends online who
are going to have an IRC ritual tonight midnight (#spiritual
in Undernet) for spiritual peace and whatever starting with
Hermetic commencement rituals, I asked them when it was supposed 
to happen. "midnight Eastern time", they told me, and I booted
up the old astrology program that a friend wrote and looked
more closely. sadly, it didn't integrate the asteroid (as I
had understood it -- that's what it says in most of my books
about astrology that include Chiron) into the chart, just the
data tables, so I could see that *what they were talking about
in the sky was correct*, but the way that they were going about
interpreting it was PECULIAR!  I decided to try my amateur and
ignorant hand at seeing what that point in time *would* be good
for, damn the consequences! I did so while talking with my kin
there in IRC last night of course. :>  here were my results:

11/7/03 9:00:00 PM PDT forestville, CA 
        (actually slightly after, 10:00:00 PM to make the MOON trine;
         corrections welcomed! I'm not used to astrologizing much! ;>)
	MERCURY --  square URANUS,
	VENUS --      square MARS, sextile NEPTUNE
	MARS --  opposite JUPITER,    trine SATURN
	SUN -    conjunct MERCURY,      trine MARS,
	          sextile JUPITER,    trine SATURN,  square NEPTUNE

	JUPITER -- sextile SATURN,    square PLUTO
	MOON --      sextile MARS,   trine JUPITER, square NEPTUNE
	CHIRON --      trine MOON,   trine JUPITER [+?]
	NEPTUNE --  sextile VENUS,      square SUN,    square MOON

Aries, Gemini, Leo (Asc), and Libra, have no Planets in them.

here's some text I dug up trying to understand positions:

	MARS IN PISCES reveals a characteristic inclination to
	act with a naive presumption of the sympathy and
	support of everyone cnocerned in any given situation,
	together with a confidence in the ability of the self
	to win others to whatever is undertaken. The native
	asserts himself in the petty details of life by an
	emotional resort to the imaginative, poetic, and
	spiritual implications in every phase of experience.
        Marc Edmund Jones: "Astrology: How and Why it Works"

	JUPITER IN VIRGO indicates the development of a
	consciousness which is characteristically
	self-exploiting, and generous in its response to human
	relations. Its fundamental motivation arises from its
	own inexhaustible capacity for everyday associations.
	The native as a real personage is interested in making
	his world a mroe comfortable place, and his welfare
	demands the fullest chance for working with others."
        Ibid., Jones.

from the website to which my friends pointed me:
#$ Chiron   - the crystal rainbow bridge between
#$ physicality and spirit, +the inner and outer planets;
#$ the wounded healer; Christ consciousness; +initiation;
#$ the interface between God and Godling.

here's my response at the time:

ain't Capricorn the sign of the Devil?
Christ-consciousness in the goat-sign. hm. SATURN
typically rules in Capricorn SATURN is on the other
triangle. in fact if this were a perfect Grand Sextile
Pattern then SATURN would be *opposed* to Chiron three
oppositions within this 6pt star which are:

	MOON    opp    SUN (lunar ecl);

that's the ideal focus of the figure he's talking about 
on that page. an astrological interpretation of that 
configuration would be two 'Grand Trines' (I'm not enough
of an astrologer to know if 'Grand Sextiles(?!)' is right), 
including 3 oppositions and 6 trines [and presumably a
batch of squares and sextiles too!]. why does he call it 
a 'Grand Sextile'?

and SATURN isn't probably in its best sign either: CANCER; 
Cancer is ruled by MOON (which is in Taurus, eclipsed).

Agrippa [Three Books of Occult Philosophy, ed/ann Tyson,
tr. Freake] has MOON exalted in Taurus. this is when its
action is most potent (Tyson notes in Agrippa) so the
MOON being in Taurus is powerfully significant, and
driving. (Sun in Scorpio, a Water Sign, not so big a deal,
[btw SUN-SCORP-conj-MERC/MOON-TAUR/ is on my natal!])

	MOON IN TAURUS describes a temperament which is
	characteristically responsive to the revaluation
	it gains at the hands of others, and which reacts
	always to the actuality of life. The native is
	emotionally keyed to the ideals which are most
	familiar or useful, and he is incapable of any
	real feeling except in their terms. He is blindly
	faithful, sentimental and affectionate, often
	unoriginal and timid. 
        Ibid., Jones. 

overall this configuration of planets is not especially
good, since there are 3 Oppositions between [presumed]
'main planets' (major conflict), 2 Detrimentals, and 3 
mixed placements (none of them especially promising), and
only one major virtue: the Moon in Her sign of Exaltation,
which occurs every so often, but not necessarily at a 
Lunar eclipse (when MOON opp SUN).

the website emphasized the complementarity of the 
zodiacal signs involved: Earth and Water. this makes 
the composition *unbalanced*, rather than balanced, 
since typically Water complements Fire, not Earth, 
which is complemented by Air. toward what it is 
imbalanced may be the interest of the website author.
he indicates that these are both feminine and the Moon
in Taurus implies a beneficial result.

however k00l it may be to have a geometrical figure
formed, 2 'Great Trines' would be better if they
weren't equally opposed to one another's components. 
a chart with this configuration might well be 
internally conflicted.

Bloch and George [Astrology For Yourself, some basic
beginner book on making one's own charts] call Earth 
and Water 'Yin' signs. Yin opposed by Yin.

on the other hand, Uranus *is* in its sign, Aquarius,
but makes NO aspects to any other Planet. 

Cancer is Ascendant.

so by George and Bloch:

	SUN -- Scorpio
		positive: conjunct MERCURY,
			  trine MARS, trine SATURN,  
			  sextile JUPITER, 
                negative: square NEPTUNE

 Block and George say 'the individual's PURPOSE;
 it seems very power-oriented, and intellectual!
 transcendance is actually *inhibited* here.

	MOON -- Taurus [exaltation 'its action is most potent']
		positive: trine JUPITER, 
                          sextile MARS, 
                negative: square NEPTUNE

 'the individual's emotional responses';
 very exciting and dramatic!

	Ascendant -- Leo no Planets

 'the outer expression';
 great potential! no Ruling Planet to secure, however.

	Main Aspects -- 3 opp, 2 Gtri, 6 sex?, 
                        lots of Planets sq to Mars
                (SATURN, NEPTUNE Retrograde)

 major supports and conflicts;
 LOTS of internally-contradicting forces! 
 not a good point of departure for peace!!

overall inference:

	This looks like a good time to be doing what *I'm*
	going to be doing tonight: PLAYING GAMES! full of
        contention for resources, space, position, and
        fully engaged (for the most part) in the mental!

see Tom? divine shivine! we can use the Harmonica Chord
Dance as a CALL TO ARMS! roll those dice!!!


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