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Bead Planet Calendarsign

Subject: Bead Planet Calendarsign

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                           Table Of Contents
     * On May 5th, 2000 all naked eye planets are in an alignment
       like a bead!
       This is the same alignment as it occured millennia ago at
       begin of ancient calendars!
       Why this happens in of all years in the YEAR 2000 ? A burning
       Question! 18/10/99
     * The fairy tale of hare and hedgehog is deciphered and dated
     * Star Ploting 2000.  The countdown to doomsday (The book)
     * Review of the book by astronomers
     * The power of total solar eclipse 11th August 1999 Pics! or
       (only text version)
     * The prophecy of Malachias and the total solar eclipse
       (See how an 400 year old prophecy is going to be fulfilled)
     * Wintersolstice at Lucifer's Rock (German only)
     * Symposium upon archaeoastronomy August 6th - 7th, St. Jakob
     * Events
     * "The LETTERS of GODS" a continued epos
     * Previous flashmails (#1-#10) and reactions (FAQ)
       + subscribe to emaillist 
     * Previous flashmails (#11-up to date)
     * Ploting the dawn of 2000
     * Synchronology of ancient cultures and time turning points
     * The big cults and religions of mankind observed as New Years
       or calendar cults
     * 12 Thesis for a new regulation of calendars
     * The Aquarius-Pictograph-Game
     * The solution of Doomsday's mystery!
     * Symbolcalendar "Countdown 1 000 days" (information and order)
     * 1 000 days up to year 2 000 !
     * The turning point of millennium and the Age of Aquarius
       (shortened version)
     * Astronomical phenomena about the Year 2000
       (comet. eclipses, conjunctions, Star of Bethelehem.....)
     * Devil's Rock: The styrian Stonehenge, information about
       an ancient calendar rock in Austria (sacred geometry)
     * The star of Bethlehem
     * The cycle of planet Venus (Why Venus became Luzifer)
     * Journey with pics and graphs through Calendersign- webpage
     * Our suggest for a discussion about a new worldwide calendar
     * Movements in the sky and their relation to time and calendars
     * Free-download site : your free programm an all documents
     * A poem for You and Your friends
     * Links to other homepages about Year 2 000 
     * Bibliography
     * Intent of the CALENdeRsign Homepage
     * Personal website of Sepp Rothwangl (owner of Calendersign)
     * Caricatures and jokes 
     * Symbolcalendar Countdown 1000 days (information and order)
     * Sign Guestbook
     * Read Guestbook
       Hopefully you are not too overloaded because of Y2K bug!
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                    Last update: 27. December 1999

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