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Astrology and Magic

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From: (nagasiva yronwode)
Subject: Re: Astrology and Magic
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 22:32:30 GMT

50000423 IVom Hail Days Kay!

Christopher Warnock :
>Correspondances actually are one of the keys to understanding a traditional

is this the case, or isn't any single correspondence system just an 
over-simplification of a multitude of old perspectives (traditional 
or not)?

>Astrology provides a universal system in which all things can be
>classified and related to one or more astrological factors, all of 
>which interact and are interconnected.

all divination systems *could* be used in an attempt to create "universal"
constructions, but they tend to be unbelievable in their generalizations
and oversimplifications, based on biases and faulty knowledge. 

in the case of astrology my impression is that "it" does not truly
provide any singular system but several competing varieties which
depend upon geographical and temporal origins, as well as the
perspective of the individual(s) doing the construction. not only are
we talking about multiple cultures (because "astrology" doesn't
even recognize any kind of universal constellation set, instead
these vary considerably throughout the world), but about a stepped
complexification of astrology itself (from the basics in astronomy
and interpreting signs and configurations of relevance to the 
inclusion of the discoveries of modern scientists).

> One of the most important reasons for finding the ruler of an herb is to
>time when it is gathered.  Traditionally (pre-1700) the planetary days and
>hours were used to elect a time to pick herbs.  The 17th century English
>astrologer Richard Ball says,
> is also necessary, that the Planet governing the Herb 
>	you gather, be ruler of the Day (as well as Hour) as for 
>	Example: Suppose you gather Herbs governed by  Moon, Monday 
>	being assigned to her government, that Day is most proper 
>	to gather her herbs in, having regard to the Hour she rules 
>	the same Day which is every Monday at Sun Rise:  the like 
>	you may observe of all the Herbs, governed by the Planets...
>	so that an ingenious Man cannot be to seek in gathering, 
>	compounding or applying his medicines according to the 
>	Nature of the Distemper and Parts afflicted.
>Richard Ball, Astro-Physical Compendium [London, 1697] Ballantrae undated
>reprint, p. 112.
> This is basically the traditional answer to the use of the outer
>planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  When is Plutoday?  How are we going to
>integrate them into the planetary hours system?   

so a major objection to using trans-Saturnian planets ("wanderers")
in astrology is that they don't fit into the septinary "week" assignments?
to me this indicates the weakness of the temporal construction and how
astrology is arbitrary, rather than founded on strict astronomy. now I
have no problems with this arbitrary character, though I gather that many
astrologers would not be pleased to agree that it is a divination system
which is not directly related to the configuration of 'celestial entities'.

>The other, perhaps more
>important advantage of traditional rulerships is that they have been
>empirically investigated and used over a long period of time, 1000-500 years
>versus 50-100 for the outer planets.

I prefer continuing the integration of astronomy into astrology, and
think that if traditional astrological systems cannot accomodate new
astronomical data, then they deserve to be scrapped for more flexible
and useful systems.

>    The subject is really too vast for posting.  My traditional horary
>astrology teacher, Lee Lehman, published, The Book of Rulerships (Whitford,
>1992) which has over 300 pages of rulerships of various things including
>many herbs.  She also has an on-line supplement to the book, in PDF format
>at  which is almost fifty
>pages.  Lilly, in Christian Astrology also lists rulerships and for herbs an
>excellent traditional resource is Culpepper's Herbal.

there is no reason that these sources could not be integrated into a
revised rulership system.

blessed beast!
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