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From: uk698@freenet.Victoria.BC.CA (Sandra Rozhon)

Last Update:  Jan 26, 1995

The following is a resource list of items of interest to Astrologers.
Included in this document are sources for:

        * BOOKS                * PERIODICALS      * TAPES
        * CHARTS        * SOCIETIES
        * DEVICES       * SOFTWARE

If you know of anything that should be included, but hasn't, please
contact me.
Updates and new additions should be sent to:  Sandra Rozhon
                              Email address:


o  Schneider-Gauquelin Research Journal
   Francoise Gauquelin
   8 rue Amyot
   75005 Paris, France
   [published twice yearly. Subscriptions are USA $20.00 per year]

o  The Golden Hind Press
   P.O. Box 002
   Berkeley Springs, WV  25411
   (304) 258-5873
   [Project Hindsight -- translation of all surviving astrological literat

   P.O.Box 2431
   Fairfield, IA  52556
   Credit card orders must be sent Attn Steve Beets, SUMPRESS@FAIRFIELD.CO
   email: (Sum Press)
   [1900-2050 EPHEMERIS:  150 YEARS ($29.95 + 2.00 postage]


o  A.I.R. Software
   (Alphee Lavoie)
   115 Caya Avenue
   W. Hartford, CT  06110
   (203) 232-6521  FAX:  (203) 233-6117
   [STAR TRAX 8000 software]

o  Astro Communications Services, Inc.
   5521 Ruffin Rd.
   San Diego, CA  92123
   (800) 888-9983  or  (619) 492-9919
   [Software, Reports, Books, Gift items, Charts]
   *** Founded by:  Neil F. Michelsen

o  Astro Computing Services
   PO Box 34487
   San Diego CA  92163
   (619) 297-9203

o  Astro Numeric Service
   Box 336-BJ
   Ashland, OR  97520
   (800) MAP-PING

o  Astrolabe
   PO Box 1750
   Brewster MA 02631
   (800) 843-6682 or (508) 896-5081   FAX: (508) 896-5289
   [SolarFire, Solar Spark, JigSaw]

o  Capella Software
   1759 39th Street
   Suite 572
   Boulder, CO  80301
   (303) 447-9953
   [CAPELLA: Astrology software]

o  Cosmic Patterns
   P.O. Box 140790
   Gainesville, FL  32614
   (904) 373-1504   FAX: (904) 374-8826
   [KEPLER astrology software]

o  Educational Sciences Corp.
   P.O. Box 88852 World Way Center
   Los Angeles, CA  90009-6852
   [VEDIC PROFILE software, Ephemeris]

o  Geovision Software
   P.O. Box 2152
   Fairfield, IA  52556
   (515) 472-0855
   [PARASHARA'S LIGHT -- Jyotish Software]

o  Halloran Software
   P.O. Box 75713
   Los Angeles, CA  90075
   (800) SEA-GOAT   FAX: (818) 501-5667   INTL: (818) 501-6515
   [ASTROL Deluxe for Windows]

o  Matrix Software
   315 Marion Ave.
   Big Rapids MI 49307
   (800) PLANETS  or  (616) 796-2483   FAX: 616 796-3060
   [BLUE*STAR astrology software]

o  Micro Cycles
   P.O. Box 3175
   Culver City, CA 90231
   (800) 829-2537   FAX: (310) 202-6365
   [Every program available, Fonts, Graphics, and more]

o  Permutations Software, Inc.
   P.O. Box 499
   Dept. M
   New York, NY  10014-0499
   (212) 727-0457 (voice & fax)
   [LoveTies: astrological analysis of relationship]

o  Time Cycles Research
   27 Dimmock Rd.
   Waterford, CT  06385
   (203) 444-6641   FAX: (203) 442-0625
   [IO SERIES software]

o  Zephyr Services
   1900 Murray Ave. Dept. R
   Pittsburgh, PA  15217
   (800) 533-6666  or  (412) 422-6600   FAX: (412) 422-9930
   [Horoscope and New Age software]


o  Ace Stamp Works
   320 S. Jefferson
   Chicago, IL  60661
   (312) 427-1388   FAX: (312) 876-1353
   [Astrology related rubber stamps]

o  Latitude International
   13550 Myren Drive
   Saratoga, CA  95070
   (408) 741-5699   FAX: (408) 255-7518
   [Celestial Scripts -- TrueType and PostScript fonts]

o  Planetary Calendar Publications
   P.O. Box 60653
   Phoenix, AZ  85082-0653
   [Pocket & Wall Calendars, Astrological Playing Cards]

o  Solarscope
   P.O. Box 657
   Station A
   Montreal, Quebec
   Canada H3C 2T8
   (514) 990-SOLR
   [Solarscope:  a portable astrological/astronomical study tool $24.99]

o  Varnum Associates
   Route 3
   Box 190
   Luray, VA  22835
   (800) 743-1106  or  (703) 743-1104
   [Astro*Logic pocket computers for astrology]


o  American Astrology Magazine
   475 Park Ave. S
   New York City, NY 10016

o  Considerations
   (need address and phone #)

o  Chironicles, PO Box 41127, Sacramento, CA  95841-0127.
   A bound volume of back issues is also available for $20.
   Co-edited by Joyce Mason and Dale O'Brien
   $10 a year (3 issues)

o  Data News (Lois M. Rodden's bimonthly)
   11736 3rd Street
   Yucaipa, CA  92399
   (909) 797-6383

o  The NCGR Journal and Geocosmic:
   Box 1220
   Dunkirk MD 20754
   [back issues are available for $10.00 each and free to members]

o  Llewellyn's "New Worlds" magazine and ordering catalog
   Llewellyn Publications
   P.O. Box 64383
   St. Paul, MN

o  Mercury Hour
   c/o Edith Custer
   C-7  3509 Waterlick Road
   Lynchburg, VA 24502

o  Mountain Astrologer  (9 issues per year)
   PO Box 970
   Cedar Ridge, CA  95924-0970
   (916) 477-8839

o  PREDICTIONS  (bi-monthly)
   Creative Arts, Inc.
   4901 NW 17th Way
   Spectrum Building Ste. 600
   Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33309.
  (12 issue subscription rate: U.S. & Possessions $27.95)

o  The Traditional Astrologer
   Deborah Houlding QHP
   3 Avondale Bungalows
   Sherwood Hall Road
   Notts. NG 18 2NJ (UK)
   TEL 01623 634012
   FAX 01623 422676
   (Horary, Mundane History of Astrology)

o  Welcome to Planet Earth
   (need address and phone #)

o  AFAN, Inc. (Association for Astrological Networking)
   8306 Wilshire Boulevard
   Suite 537
   Beverley Hills, CA  90211

o  Astrology Institute:
   Lexington & Pittsfield, MA.
   San Francisco Bay area
   Portsmouth, NH
   (617) 861-0349
   (Counseling Training Program, Mythic astrology weekends, Vedic Training

o  Hermes Astrology Centre (Helena Francis)
   Street House
   Thursley, Godalming
   Surrey GU8 6QE, England
   TEL: 0252 703216   FAX: 0252 703883

o  ISAR (Int'l Society for Astrological Research)
   P.O. Box 38613
   Los Angeles, CA  90038-0613

o  ISIS Institute
   P.O. Box 21222
   El Sobrante, CA  94820
   (800) 924-4747  or (510) 222-9436   FAX: (510) 222-2202
   [Newsletter, Conferences, Astrology tapes, Catalog]

o  NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research)
   Box 1220
   Dunkirk MD 20754

     Astro Assoc of No. Va.             call:  Jan Tunney (301) 384-2749
     NCGR Chapter, D.C.                 call:  Warren Kinsman (202) 575-00
     NCGR Chapter, Bowie-Annapolis      call:  Camille Adams (301) 262-301
     NCGR Chapter, Baltimore            call:  Margie Herskovitz (410)

To join NCGR:
   Margie Herskovitz
   NCGR Membership Secretary
   5826 Greenspring Ave.
   Baltimore, Md.   21209


o  Buz Myers predictions for '95 tape can be ordered from 1-800 RKM-7563;
   the tape costs 9.95 plus handling.

o  E.C.S.
   201 Blue Sky Drive
   Marietta, GA  30068
   (404) 973-0661
   [Recordings from ISAR conferences]

o  Pegasus Tapes
   P.O. Box 419
   Santa Ysabel, CA  92070
   (800) 288-PEGASUS
   [Recordings of LIVE presentations by world class astrologers]

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