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Age of Aquarius Begins!!

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From: (boboroshi/CoE)
Subject: Age of Aquarius Begins!!
Date: 17 Feb 97 17:36:29 GMT

49970217 AA1  Hail Satan!  Widespread Panic Overtakes a City Wrought by
                           Aquarian Celestial Fireworks

originally to my New Age friend (Eric Meece!  Producer of New Age RenFaire!)

astrological chart in my ephemeris (I may be reading it wrongly) 
for Feb 10 is:

	Uranus in Aquarius
	Jupiter in Aquarius
	Sun in Aquarius
	Venus in Aquarius
	Moon (Feb 7-9) in Aquarius
	Mercury enters Aquarius [2/8/97]

how often do such configurations appear?	

why consider Jan 23 (primed point) [Gaia Mind] rather than Feb 7-10 
(act point) [Bedlam, Feb. 8] the temporal significant?

first glimpse
second glimpse

X-To: (boboroshi/CoE)
From: (Jeffrey Williams)
Subject: astrological happenings

At 9:30 am on 1/23/97 the planets will be in these positions:

	Uranus          4' 34"   Aquarius
	Sol             3' 45"       "
	Jupiter         0' 30"       "
	Neptune        27' 41"   Capricorn
	Venus          16' 54"       "
	Mercury         9' 16"       "
	Pluto           5' 02"   Sagittarius
	Mars            4' 53"   Libra
	Luna            4' 49"   Leo
	Saturn          2' 52    Aries

That puts the first four of these within 6' 40" of each other and in
Opposition with Luna, and Trine with Mars and Sextile with Saturn.  Also
Pluto, Luna and Saturn form a Grand Trine in the fire signs.  My program
shows degrees and minutes, but not seconds.  The four planets in
conjunction show the same relative positions at that level of detail
begining at 6:30 am and ending at 12:57 pm, a span of about 6 1/2 hours, so
it seems likely that their point of nearest conjunction is indeed about
9:30 am.

On the same subject, I read this post [from an anonymous source] that said:

>This is an event that you might be interested in participating in. On
>January 23rd, during a very rare astrological double trine (planets and one
>other significant celestial point forming a great six-pointed star about
>us), a group called GaiaMind is organizing a global healing meditation. Of
>course this is the sort of thing that we do on a regular basis, but the
>appeal here is that presumedly thousands of people from across the globe
>will be working in unison. If you are interested in participating in this
>event, further info is available at

This six-pointed star formation is correct if you identify the position
directly opposite pluto as a significant point as [JG] does.  The six
points are:

	* The four planet conjunction
	* Pluto
	* Mars
	* Luna
	* The point opposite Pluto 
	* Saturn

[but more importantly:]

On the subject of the February planetry pow-wow in Aquarius: Mercury enters
Aquarius at 9:45 pm on 2/8/97.  That puts Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus
and Sol all in Aquarius, where they will remain until 6:51 am 2/18/97 when
Sol enters Pisces.

That is all... (Jeffrey Williams)
third glimpse

[pan in]

 49970208.2145 kali yuga 

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