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12 signs or 13 signs??

From: (Dr. Jai Maharaj)
Subject: Re: 12 signs or 13 signs??
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 21:51:15 GMT


On 17 Jan 1996 18:30:40 UTC,
in article <4djf8g$>,
Archie Dunlop  wrote:

> Western astrologers do not use the sidereal zodiac!  They use
> the tropical one. . . .

A little inquiry will show you that there are western sidereal as
well as western tropical astrologers.  You are in the U.K. -- I
believe there is western sidereal astrologery Web site near you --
please try

> Hindu astrologers use the sidereal zodiac, in the sense that
> they take into account the precession of the equinoxes . . .

Indeed.  Jyotishi(s), also known as Hindu, Vedic or Indian
astrologers, use the sidereal zodiac.  And, so do western sidereal

> . . . by subtracting the ayanamsa from the tropical
> positions. . . .

Yes, we do so when the given postions are tropical.  The Ayannaunsh
(or, Ayanamsa) value for precession correction is currently
23d48m13s according to the Lahiri standard.

> . . . However the signs used by Hindu astrologers are of equal
> length, as measured along the ecliptic - they are therefore not
> strictly constellational, because the constellations are of
> varying length. . . .

The sidereal zodiac is divided into 12 equal divisions and each
division is called a Rashi.  The zodiac is divided into 27 equal
divisions called Nakshatr(as) also.  A system of 28 Nakshatr(as)
also exists.  Other finer divisions are also used.

> . . . As far as accuracy is concerned, one has to bear in mind
> that most western astrologers are semi-literate, new age
> zombies, who have no understanding of their subject.  They do
> not realize that astrology is a hand-down tradition, that cannot
> be tampered with by modern man.  Indeed, modern western
> astrologers have the arrogance to believe that they can tamper
> with the tradition, by making creating their own rulers ships
> (e.g. they claim that Neptune, not Jupiter, is ruled by Pisces)
> and by putting emphasis on meaningless trivia (such as the comet
> Chiron). Furthermore, western astrologers are lazy.  They can't
> be bothered to study their subject properly, and they therefore
> can't product - instead they produce mindless splurges of
> psychobabble.  However, if western astrologers made the effort
> to study the classics, such as Ptolemy's 'Tetrabiblos', and
> Lilly's 'Astrology' they might be able to make decent
> predictions.

One observes that newer the society, the more rebellious it is
against time-tested wisdom.  The situation is not unlike that of a
little child's behavior among more experienced adults.

> As far as Hindu Astrolgy is concerned, I find that for natal
> charts it yields better results than its western counterpart.
> It is also more honest - it will highlight a disaster area in
> someone's chart with beautiful brutality.  Unfortunately it is
> very difficult to find a good Hindu astrology.  I recently had
> my chart done by the Maharishi Jyotishis (the TM lot).  They
> were, in my opinion, fairly useless . . .

I have had no experience with TM astrologers, or any other TM
practitioners for that matter.  Where are they being trained?

> . . . - I, as an ignorant westerner, felt that I could interpret
> charts, according to their system, better than they could.  At
> the same time, I got the impression that they weren't prepared
> to tell me the truth - when I told them that my seventh house of
> relationships was aspected by both Mars and Saturn (I have Mars
> in sidereal Aries, in the first house, and Saturn in sidereal
> Capricorn in the tenth) they glibly told me that 'a minus plus a
> minus makes a plus'!

Right or wrong, I am sure there are reasons for saying what they
said.  But whatever their reasons, you may wish to contact them
again if you feel that they did not have your best interests in
mind.  It is possible that satisfactory explanations exist.

 Jai Maharaj            Jyotishi, Vedic Astrologer
%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:% *-=Om Shanti=-* %:%:%

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