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Sorcerer's Stone Alchemical Connections

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From: elendraug 
Subject: "Sorcerer's Stone" Alchemical Connections
Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 07:04:16 GMT

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xiwangmu / elendraug:
#> ...the Pill of Immortality and the Stone of the Philosophers. 
#> a good number of magicians are concerned with these in both literal and
#> symbolic varieties.

Heather/"Krylon Junkie" :
# the Stone of the Philosophers the same or similar to the one used in
# Harry Potter?  

that is completely correct. in fact, the original book title *was* "The
Philosopher's Stone", as far as I know, but in the USA they changed it
to "The Sorcerer's Stone", apparently because people would be more
interested in SORCERY (spooky magic!) than in philosophy (ho-hum!! ;>).

# I know JK Rowling used actual magic myths and folklore in her stories, 
# to make them seem more realistic.  

quite true. there is even a book on this aspect of her writing, called
"The Sorcerer's Companion: A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter",
by Allan Zola Kronzek and Elizabeth Kronzek. within this entertaining 
tome are elaborations on the various occult backdrops to the Harry Potter 
stories, told from a modern rationalist, Eurocentric perspective. it is
based on a broad understanding of the contributions to Western magical
tradition, particularly as may be found in Renaissance Europe from the
pen of a scholar of Renaissance history in association with a stage
magician. given that it is described as not having been 

	prepared, approved, or licensed by any person or entity 
	that created, published, or produced the Harry Potter 
	books or related properties,
	[quote from cover]

it is surprising how well-researched and full of content this book is!

recommended reading, even for beginning occult students, and a lovely 
bridge between the Potter series and non-fiction occultism, especially
for High Magick ceremonialists who may otherwise miss the more
flavourful aspects of Low Magical spells and potions and k00lness!

# Is this the case with the Philosopher's Stone?  ....

yes it is, the alchemist Nicolas Flamel was apparently a historical
person, however unreliable the stories of his successful alchemical
adventures may be, and there is a good deal of overlap between what
was described in the film and actual occult lore and history.
# ...what are the properties of the Stone referenced here?

'here' is slightly ambiguous, but in both my mention above (as the
thread-name had indicated) and in the other books thusfar described,
the two main properties of the Stone are the conferment upon the
successful 'possessor' vast riches (as it enables the creation of
gold, usually, and often as a transmutation of a lesser valued
metal into gold) and immortality (again a transmutation of the
individual into some transcendental state of being or condition).
I put possessor in single quotes because the Stone isn't always
described as a physical object.

my reference in comparing it with the Pill of Immortality (from
Chinese, rather than European alchemical lore) was that both of
these fantastic objects have become the goal of magicians, often
as a means of production involving traditional chemistry (either
in laboratories or using oneself *as* the laboratory/crucible),
astrology (for proper timing and celestial orientation), and a 
variety of recommended magical words, components, or activities. 

the lore surrounding the Stone is quite extensive and complex,
but it is sometimes held to communicate its benefits through
proximity (touching base metals at the proper time and in the
right way it is supposed to be able to catalyze their change to
valuables like silver or gold; ingested [dangerous!] it touches
one's interior and is supposed to catalyze healing and a change
making one's spirit or body into some special eternal substance).

the Stone may also be described as having an entirely spiritual 
quality, even equated with religious agents such as Jesus Christ, 
among Christian alchemists and mages.

as it appears in the Harry Potter series, it is more a plot
device than fabulous and detailed connection to occult history, 
though the mention of Flamel, the identification of it AS a 
stone, and the magical properties it communicates to the person 
that holds it serve to justify its name. Rowling's property-set 
for the stone in her stories is unclear in my memory, though the
evil magician seeking it [whose name apparently only Harry shall 
feel safe to repeat ;>] was convinced that it would grant him 
greater power and a return to a more ordinary life, freed from 
skulking under teachers' turbans and within the sewers of the 
Hogwarts school.

  member, with Hermione, of the Elf Liberation Front (ELF)

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