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Promising Immortality

From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Promising Immortality (was Unusual Spell Request....)
Date: 23 Mar 1999 11:38:25 -0800

49990323 IIIom om om om om om hail aom

catherine yronwode :
# Can magic counteract genetics? I don't think so. If it could, 
# we'd never die, or get old, or get sick.  

this is the premise of alchemists, Buddhists, Christians, and 
a variety of other religious: that sickness, old age, and death
can be avoided, driven off, transcended, etc.

the 'Magical Elixir' is an age-old feature of legends, by a
variety of names (Pill of Immortality, Fountain of Youth, etc.).
it also may be found in modern Hermetic organizations in the
form of the Universal Medicine, presumed to be a remedy of very
many (all?) human biophysical and social ills as it is associated 
with the Philosopher's Stone (another name for this mythic panacea).

this elixir is the focus of great number of modern magical 
cults, and is described as composed of everything from the fluids
of conjugating sex magick experts to the subtle excresences
of menstruating priestesses of Shakti, from the holy wine
transmuted by the Eucharist to the marvellous potions made
from certain herbs and oils combined at specified times and
accompanied by particular ceremonial gestures and/or 

sometimes it is said that the elixir is merely a symbol,
at times for genuine love expressed through charity, or for
actions evidencing compassion and devotion. sometimes the
elixir is described as being generated in the bodies of
those who engage certain behaviors, from service to sex.

the way the elixir works can even take many forms. some talk
of it as a pill to ingest that transforms those who take it; 
some say it is a stone created from the magical combination 
or transmutation of ordinary substances through extraordinary 
means which benefits all those who come into contact with it
or its fragments with health, luck and wealth; some say it is
a fluid which is created outside the body through magical or 
ordinary means that may be ingested to address any malady; 
and some describe it as a biological byproduct of extraordinary 
or unusual endeavors like mystical disciplines or magical and
forbidden rites which transforms the body into a new 
configuration. the legend of the wish-fulfilling object
(gem, djinn, others) is closely-related.

the religious tend to offer it as a reward for participating
in their sociocultural enterprises after a long life, a short
but valiant life of martyrdom, or for obeying their moralism.
Christians and many others consider it a special PLACE to which
the metaphysical 'essence' of a person (soul, atman, jiva,
whatever) is carried after having been admitted by the reigning
religious supernatural authority.

Buddhists and some others talk about their religous exploits
as if they could be relied upon to permanently TERMINATE the
'problems' of sickness, old age, and death, and often place a
great deal of emphasis upon the effort of the individual in
achieving this (usually through the prescribed method).

none but those who worship Maya, Shakti, Terra, Kali -- that 
playful goddess whose terrible game consists of time, change, 
and the unending ravages of pitiful patterns, are truly capable 
of coming to peace with Her evils and delights, however.  all 
the rest simply pretend to represent Her as Her agents and
slide down into Her glorious ma(w).

blessed beast!
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