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Timescales and Authority

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From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Timescales and Authority
Date: 24 Jul 1999 02:10:17 -0700

4999th Year of the Kali Yuga   0617 (june/17)
IVth Year in the Aeon of the Adversary
# I have noticed that certain Magickal Schools of Thought rely on 
# a concept called "Aeon Overlap" to support their "divine mandate" 
#  or "claim to validity" .  

asserting one's authority is symbolized by either discovering a 
significant timestamp by which one may mark off one's days and those
following (COSMOLOGICAL such as the birth or creation of some special
being or object -- Anno Domini for example, ASTRONOMICAL such as the
equinoctic precession -- Aquarian Age for example, PERSONAL such as 
a Pact with Satan -- Aeon of the Adversary, or SOCIAL such as at 
the founding of a church -- Anno Satanas) or through discovering or 
constructing some sort of "sacred space" (i.e. a temple, synagogue, 
church, etc.), and these imply that a magical event or act must take 
place before a spiritual orientation for an individual or social
tradition may begin.
setting an identification upon this sacred timescale or spatiality
allows those encountering the authority to know from what tradition
(if any) it derives. quite often religious traditions base their
timescale on mythological events, deriving from scriptural fiction
which they at times take to be fact. the 'aeon' was popular with
Aleister Crowley and many who followed in his wake choose to indicate
influence by him when utilizing a similar timescale structure.
others (e.g. the Church of Satan) have co-opted the Latin of the
predominant culture (in this case 'Anno Satanas') or come up with
something from other sources.
# After doing some basic research, I discovered that if this 
# holds true, We are in the Aeon of Horus, Set-Typhon, Maat, Odin, 
# Abra-Melin (yup, theres an A-M worship cult), Osirus, Pan, and 
# at the brink of the Pandemaeon, and that just for starters.... 

there is a very important argument when considering such timescales
that it ONLY applies to those who believe in the events or have
a value for the objects associated with the reference points. that
is, some would argue ONLY those are in the Aeon of Horus who are 
Crowleyites, since that was HIS holy book. this begins to break 
down when the timescale is related or quasi-related to some
astronomical event. 

in fact this is probably the surf wave Crowley was attempting 
to catch to give his ideas and cults a push: the equinoctic
precession and its changing of the guard (gods, as in 'Equinox
of the __'). the problem is that he was off in his timescales 
for astronomical (and apparently for anthropological -- see the
Wizard's analysis of Sabazius and the Gumbutas misquotes) events.
there will be no sign of entering any reasonable 'Age of Aquarius'
for at least a hundred years from TODAY, let alone from 1904,
which could only amount to a type of "herald" in a manner similar
to the other Hermetics with whom Crowley was competing 
(Goldawnians, Rosicrucians et al).

# SO, I am curious as to the opinions of my fellow Thelemites 
# on this subject... 

this is the Aeon of the Adversary, Year Four. it was set into
motion through a blood pact with Satan I engaged in 9666 and
relied upon no previous ages or aeons or timescales for its
construction. I do not understand that it has a termination
point, though when the war between human beings and other
species can be said to have been abandoned, then such a time-
scale will no longer be of import. 

this is the Yuga (cycle) of Kali, Year 4999. it is the last
of a series of yugas totalling 432,000,000 years and consisting 
of 4 x 432,000; 3 x 432,000; 2 x 432,000; and this last being 
1 x 432,000. these yugas proceed from the paradisical to the 
kaotik and difficult. our Kali Yuga is considered the most 
disordered, challenging, involving the most moral decay and 
social disintegration. after the last 432,000 years is over 
(in 427,000 years) the cosmos will be destroyed by the Queen 
of Destruction (Kali) and reduced to a cold, waveless 
singularity which is more pleasing to Her wrathful temperament.
there are rumors that an elect 144,000 may be spared this
final destruction, but these are probably the wishes of the

these timescales are valuable to me not because they set into
prominence any 'divine mandate' (an infernal mandate? nah),
but instead mark a temporal context around my activities
and provide a character-stamp about my experience (that is,
I am dedicated to Kali and in service to Satan). those who
want to understand more about me comprehend these things as
they serve as markers of my identity and direction.

I begin with a timestamp and end with a spatial locator.
this sets into perfect context the origin of this datafile.

emailed replies may be posted; cc replies if response desired

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