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Conway on Ley Lines

To: alt.magick
From: Spartacus 
Subject: Re: Beware of Raising Kundalini part3
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000  21:14:06 +0000

Tracy wrote:

> >When I had meditated on the raising snake/dragon for a couple
> >of months without anything happening,my supervisor in Dragon
> >Rouge adviced me to find an old powerspot,cause on these
> >locations the outer dragonforce is strong and therefore it is > >more =
easier to awaken the inner there.
> I have not heard this term - outer dragon force.  Is that like prana
> that is everywhere?

Well,Dragon Rouge claims that it is stronger in the nature,the
wilder the better,and also that it is stronger at certain
places like powerspots/leylines. 

> >In US I guess powerspots are not so easy to find,but here in
> >scandinavia old burial plots and ancient monuments are often
> >located on such places,they could be several thousands year
> >old.
> I think we do have them...I've heard they have them in Sedona,
> Arizona.
> >

I can qoute from Conway's Dancing with Dragons:

"The ley-lines,which have been mapped in Britain proper...I
suspect that these underground Earth energy streams crisscross
the planet and can be found in every country,if a magician is
willing to put forth a little effort to discover them.We have
always assumed that such lines of energy existed only in
Britain with only the occasional power spot to be found
elsewhere.I feel certain that magicians around the world could
uncover the information that energy lines,ley lines exist

European dowsers have noticed that there is a square net of
ley-lines everywhere.The size and the structure of this net 
correlates with the geology.

The net is called the  curry-gitter net.

This is no news,Dan Mattson,a swedish dowser,has pictures of
drawings from the middle ages showing this net in his book

Conway again:

"Does this mean that 'dragon energy' is merely random flows of
Earth electrical energy?No,it means that dragon energy has
specific flow lines,rather like streams and rivers.Water flows
can be diverted by humans or natural changes in the Earth,and
so can dragon energy.The ancient people recognized that there
were specific,special energy flows within the Earth that were
identical in many ways to the energy put forth by actual

That "flows within the Earth that were identical in many ways
to the energy put forth by actual dragons",is nothing I ever
have heard of or read.

"...identical enough to call these underground streams by the
term 'dragon breath',dragon fire',dragon blood' or dragon

Dragon Rouge call these streams for Dragonveins.

"...Therefore,if a magcian learns to recognize and to tap into these =
natural reservoirs of power,she/he can understand and
know the feel of real dragon energy,which is stronger and more
powerful yet.An added benefit is the power that can be called
upon to augment your own energy for rituals and spellworking"

Then Conway writes about dowsing,but as far as I can tell she
has none,or very little,experience of this herself,I get the
impression that she has collected a lot of material and then
stringed it together.


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