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Main Entrance

To: alt.chinese.fengshui
From: Ray Langley 
Subject: Main Entrance
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 06:00:10 -0800


sheng1  give birth, life, grow
wang4   prosperous
shuai1  decay, decline
si3     die, death
sha4    evil spirit, demon

During Period 7 (1984-2003) the 7-Red Star is Wang.
During Period 7 the 8-White and 9-Purple Stars are Sheng.
During Period 7 the 5-Yellow and 6-White Stars are Shuai.
During Period 7 all other Stars are Si.

General Principles For The Practical Application Of The Terms:

Sheng, Wang, Shuai, Si, and Sha.
This is listed under the title, "Establish a door in Prosperous
(Period)" in the Chapter "Yang House 30 Principles", in Shen's "Xuan 
Kong Xue." It says that, "If (we) want to establish a "prosperous door"
in an old house, (we) need to calculate (the chart) according to the
flying stars of the "Period" in which the old house was constructed."

For example: 1-White Period (house), set Ren Mountain and Bing Facing.
The original is not an auspicious house. In the 3-Blue/Green Period,
establish a door at the Jia direction, then (the house) is capable of
taking in Wang Qi. Because the facing star, #3 Blue/Green, arrives at
Zhen during the period the house was built, (the facing star #3)
comes to power and takes advantage of the recent "Period" in Period 3,
not the Zhen 3 of the Di Pan. If (we) establish a Mao door, then (the
door) should be leaning to Jia to ventilate the Qi of the mountain and
facing of the identical Yuan.

Period 1 house, Ren Mountain, Bing Facing (157.5 - 172.5)

 7 4  2 9  9 2
  9    5    7

 8 3  6 5  4 7
  8    1    3

 3 8  1 1  5 6
  4    6    2

From the above, we now know how to apply the concept of Wang in a
practical application.

Have you thought about how we should decide the location of the "main
entrance" for a new house after we have found a suitable place for the

We have learned that "the Facing Star takes in either the prosperous
or the weak Qi which controls the authority for fortune and misfortune,
in the translation, "Divine Water and Mountain Dragon, Part 2 of 2".

Many Chinese masters refer to the "main entrance" as "Qi Kou" (Qi mouth),
because the "main entrance" is the place that takes Qi into
the house. From the above example we see why some masters always say
that "Qi Kou is the pivot of a house".

Here is another example for understanding how to apply the concepts of
Wang and Sheng in actual practice.

For example:
Let's say that we have found a place for the construction a new house
during this year (1999), and we have decided that it will be sitting
at Zi mountain, and facing Wu. Next we need to decide upon the "best"
location of the "Main Entrance" for the new house.

Okay, the new house is a Period 7 house, Zi mountain (355.5-7.5), Wu
facing (175.5-187.5 degrees).

Here is the Flying Star Chart:

 4 1  8 6  6 8
  6    2    4

 5 9  3 2  1 4
  5    7    9

 9 5  7 7  2 3
  1    3    8

The Xun palace has a combination of 1 and 4 which bodes academic fame,
romance, etc. But, I don't think I would choose to place the "main
entrance" in this Palace because the facing star #1 is dead Qi in
"Period 7"! So, which palace is the most suitable for the location of
the "main entrance"? Ignoring other conditions such as Ling Shen, Zheng
Shen, Wu Xing, etc., I would choose the Kun (SW) Palace as the location
of the "main entrance".

In the Li (South) Palace, the facing star is #6, and it is Shuai Qi
during the current Period 7, and near to being "dead" in Period 8.

The facing star #8 in the Kun (SW) Palace is Sheng Qi in this Period,
and it is without bad influences. It will be the "Prosperous/Wang"
star in the approaching Period 8. This means that by selecting the Kun
Palace for the main entrance, this house will enjoy more than 20
auspicious years during the remainder of this Period, and the next

It seems that all beginners (including myself) go through a "phase"
whereby they want to place a cure for every little thing in each and
every Palace. In reality, the main things to consider are the Main
Entrance, and the Master Bedroom. Also of primary importance is any
Palace where we spend a great deal of time. In these modern times,
many of us seem to be spending more and more time in our "computer
rooms". :-)

Sha(4) means evil spirit, demon, and kill. In the Tong Shu, we can find
many terms which are referred to as "Sha". We can also find "Qi Sha
(Sui Po)" and "San Sha" in the Chapter "Shen Sha" of Master Shen's,
"Xuan Kong Xue". Apparently, "Sha" is the byword of inauspiciousness.

The following is the flying star chart of a Period 3 house,
Yi mountain, with Xin facing.

2 6  6 1  4 8
 2    7    9
3 7  1 5  8 3
 1    3    5 >
7 2  5 9  9 4
 6    8    4

The Mountain Star #3, and the Facing star #7, are on the mountain side,
in the Zhen Palace. The Facing star #7 is "Metal", and the Mountain
star #3 is "Wood".

The Facing star #7-Metal "kills"/"destroys" the mountain star #3-Wood.
This means that the facing star is inauspicious to the mountain star.
Therefore, we can say that the facing star is the "Sha" to the mountain
star. The mountain star #3 is Wang in Period 3, so the "killing" of the
facing star #7 to mountain star #3 only makes less of a negative
influence. 7 is the numeric symbol of the Dui Trigram, and it is the
emblem of "youngest daughter/girls". 3 is the numeric symbol of
Zhen, and it is the emblem of "eldest son/boys/youths".

The fact that the facing star #7 "kills"/"destroys" the mountain #3,
bodes emotional disharmony. When the mountain star #3 becomes Shuai
or Si, the "killing" effect of the facing star can produce much more
negative influence on the mountain star #3. In this case, it bodes
lawsuits, quarrels, robberies, etc.

Copyright 1999 by Ray Langley

Warmest Regards, Ray
Have Luo Pan, Will Travel!

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