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Question for cat protection

To: alt.magick,alt.lucky.w
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Question for cat  (was) Re: protection
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 00:06:59 GMT

Mike wrote:
> in article, catherine yronwode at
> wrote on 4/12/02 4:22 PM:
> > Africa has a longer historical record of metal-work than
> > other continents; for instance, Africans were making steel while 
> > most of Europe was in the bronze age; 
> cat, what is the timeline for this? my understanding has been that 
> iron was first smelted by the Hittite Empire in Anatolia, for whom 
> it was a carefully guarded secret until the cat eventually got out 
> of the bag and the Syrians and others in the Levant, Mesopotamia, 
> and Egypt began to use iron weapons and tools.

See the writings of Dr. Charles Finch, who summarizes the historic
record (from other, academic sources) in two books -- one is "The Star
of Deep Beginnings" and the other is "Echoes of the Old Darkland". 

(Hey, Poke -- did i leave my Charles Finch book at your house by mistake
when we visited? I have looked for it everywhere and that's the last
time i recall seeing it.) 

Finch is particularly good at documenting Roman-era steel=making in
eastern Africa and also reprints metallurgical investigations of the
temperatures acheieved from test-blasts in "primitive" (not!) African
tribal blow-pipe smelters.

A google search on the terms <"Charles Finch" Africa steel> turned up
the following, which indicates that Debra Shore has also written on the
subject and that her material is being used as reading material for a
course at the University of Pennsylvania:

African Origins of Science & Math [Sadiki]
... Role in the History of Physics", Dr. Charles Finch's "The African
Background of Medical Science", "Steel Making in Ancient Africa" by
Debra Shore, "The Pyramids ...

Ancd at that page, there is this bibliographical note: 

1. Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern, ed. by Ivan VanSertima,
Transaction Books,
New Brunswick, NJ, 1983 

A compilation of very thoroughly researched papers that documents
Africa's contributions to astronomy, agriculture, architecture,
engineering, aeronautics, mathematics, medicine, metallurgy, physics and
writing systems. Also included in this text are articles detailing the
African-American's contributions to science and invention. Some of the
papers that are worth special mention are John Pappademos' "An Outline
of Africa's Role in the History of Physics", Dr. Charles Finch's "The
African Background of Medical Science", "Steel Making in Ancient Africa"
by Debra Shore, "The Pyramids: Ancient Showcase of African Science and
Technology" by Beatrice Lumpkin and John Henrik Clarke's "Lewis Latimer:
Bringer of the Light". 

Another URL supplied by google was this:

Journal of African Civilizations
... historical periods. It highlights steel-smelting machines in
Tanzania ... EGYPT: CHILD OF AFRICA. This issue seeks to ... on social
order. Charles Finch informs us of ... 

and at that page there is further mention of the book that Van Setima
edited, again with regard to ancient steel-smelting in Africa:

BLACKS IN SCIENCE: Ancient and Modern

This book draws on the latest researches to show that Africa had an
impressive scientific tradition in certain centers and historical
periods. It highlights steel-smelting machines in Tanzania dating back
1,500 years ago, using semi-conductor technology and achieving
temperatures 200 degrees higher than the best in Europe[...] (96

336 page book $20.00 

Hope this is what you were looking for!

cat yronwode 

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